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The rising cost of running a business in California has taken its toll on many business owners.  One of the leading causes of frustration is the fraudulent abuse of workers compensation claims.

Workers Compensation

We work with employers, claim adjusters and third party administrators to verify workers compensation cases with documented chronological research and digital imagery of employees in a legal non-intrusive manner, protecting everyone’s right to privacy.

We understand the dynamics of workplace injuries and are able to uncover inconsistencies in statements as well as evaluating physical evidence.  We are bilingual capable and can take statements from non-English speaking witnesses.

Our detailed reports accurately reflect the results of our professional, non-biased investigation.

Cramer Investigations will assist your
Human Resource personnel in:

 Documenting fraudulent claims of workers
 Verification of legitimate employee injury claims
 Witness Statements (Recorded / Written)
 Activity Checks
 Past history verifications

Please telephone or email us for a free consultation of the costs and how Cramer Investigations can assist your Human Resource department with its workers compensation claims issues.