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California Workers Compensation

California workers compensation investigations and Hawaii workers compensation investigations are situations where Cramer Investigations can assist an employer tremendously! If you employ workers, you may at some point need workers compensation investigators. Our workers comp fraud claim division evaluates and documents job related employee accident claims on behalf of employers and insurance administrators.

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workmans comp fraud claim

AOE/COE California workers compensation investigations, as well as our Hawaii workers compensation investigations, are always conducted in a legal, professional manner within industry regulations.  Our expert workers compensation investigators are cognizant of the confidentiality of personal information obtained during our investigation.

Our workers comp division private detectives will undercover fraud and/or inaccurate and false information, as well as verify a claim that is legitimate from the employee.  This information is obtained by the PI by conducting/but not limited to; background checks, surveillance, neighborhood canvass, and written / recorded witness statements pertaining to the accident and employer’s insurance incident filing.

Cramer Investigations provides. through our California workers compensation investigations, a complete independent report of our findings - all in compliance with the laws and regulations in the State of California.  Our division of Hawaii workers compensation investigations additionally ensures that our professional workers compensation investigators adhere to Hawaii’s workers comp laws for fraud claim investigations of employee’s, on behalf of the employers, for any accident occurring at the work place.

Whether utilizing our California workers compensation investigations division, or our division of Hawaii workers compensation investigations, be assured that our experienced workers compensation investigators will work with your workers comp adjusters to reveal any potential fraud claim indicators by the employee.  Employers can then be confident the accident and insurance settlement is warranted.