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California Background Checks California background checks and Hawaii background checks are our specialty! Our private investigators or “PI’s” can perform pre–employment background checks and criminal background checks for employment or personal reasons. Our services include detectives who can do a thorough check on a potential employee, giving you a full report on their criminal/work history. Cramer Investigations also does surveillance, should you need a more current picture of someone affecting your life or business.

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Are you in need of a private investigator (PI) who can perform thorough pre–employment background checks? Our California background checks search the widest databases, and our Hawaii background checks leave no stone unturned. We do both personal and AOE/COE oriented background checks for you or your company. Retain our detective services for employee history checks to determine your work candidate’s job and legal history. Companies and individuals across Hawaii and California regularly use our services to get the straight story on their partners or work candidates.

Cramer Investigations services include:
  • California background check
  • Hawaii background checks
  • Pre employment background check
  • Criminal background checks
  • Private investigator (PI) detective services
  • Employee history check
  • Origin and cause investigations
  • Fire and explosion investigations
You won’t go wrong with Cramer Investigations performing your criminal background checks in California and Hawaii. Background checks – both personal and work-related – entail that our private investigators (PI’s) do thorough personal and employee history background checks. Our pre-employment background checks will screen out the undesirable candidates for positions in your company!