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Hiring personnel based on limited and dishonest application information continues to be a costly risk in today’s business community.  Studies have shown that a large percentage of resumes contain false or exaggerated information.  This negated information would have, in many situations, affected the decision to hire the applicant.  Once hired, a poor performing employee can negatively affect the productivity and profit of your business.  Replacing this employee is costly and time consuming.  Pre-employment screening offers a quantifiable solution to questionable new hires.

Pre-Employment Screening

Our pre-employment screening service provides employers with a low cost comprehensive background investigation of an applicant’s honesty and integrity.  The employer can then use this information to make a conscientious hiring decision.  We follow the strict guidelines mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which insures protection for the potential employee as well as the employer.

This initial low cost service includes a confidential report with:

The applicant’s driving record
Consumer credit records
Tax liens
Criminal records

Additional services available upon request are:

Previous employer reference checks
Personal employee interviews
Additional background information
Neighborhood canvass

Cramer Investigations will customize the screening to fit your company’s budget and needs.  We also offer volume discounts for our account holders. 

Please contact us today for a consultation of how Cramer Investigations can help your business with its hiring practices.